About Us

ASL  Media is the online marketing company that is here to help you and your company. We know that as a business owner marketing is not something you want to spend a lot of time on especially when your time is valuable! We also know how frustrating it is to have to manage so many different programs and apps in order to even have a basic level of digital marketing. We understand the stress that simple marketing causes so we are here to help you by taking care of eveything! We manage it all from start to finish all you have to do is tell us about your company and approve posts once a month meaning you are saving yourself money and time!

Our Company

ASL-Media is a virtual advertising agency specalising in Social Media work, we work with many companies across the world to expand their social media and utilize how they use it in order to bring more traffic to their site and in turn grow their profits.

We work from across the world meaning we dont need to wait until there is a right time to have a meeting or wait until your schedule is free as we work globally meaning we can schedule a meeting with you when you need it and not when it suits. As a company owner it is important for us to ensure you dont waste your time on marketing, we are here to do the work for you.

About Josh

Josh leads our company which is exansive across many countries and many timezones. He is here to ensure your marketing is done correctly having vast experience in working with companies for their marketing but also as a consultant training marketing departments within companies.

As a millennial and recent graduate he has first hand experience in how to work the world of social media meaning he knows exactly how to get the results you need for your company.